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Bini'anit'á̜á̜ts'ósí Giveaway


Ahéheeʼ shik’éí dóó shidine’é for purchasing the new updated version of IDB Diné Bizaad Planner. We initially launched our first planner in 2018. Again, we appreciate everyone’s patience & support since then. 

We will be doing a giveaway once a month on this blog. This month we will be giving away 5 gift cards to Starbucks or Dutch Bros. 

Entry Requirements: 1. Must have purchased a 2021 IDB Planner. 2. What do you hope to accomplish for the month of Bini'anit'á̜á̜ts'ósí aka August 2021? Comment below to enter with your response and choice of gift card (Starbucks or Dutch Bros). Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Tuesday, August 31st.

Giveaway is not sponsored. 





  • InspiredbyDB on

    Ahéheeʼ for entering Cher. Yes, weekly/ monthly is a very popular format. It sounds like you have a busy month ahead of you. Wishing you a productive & successful month.

  • Cher Teller on

    I am particular with my planners and weekly/monthly planners are my sole preference. Discovering and purchasing a Dine Bizaad weekly/monthly planner made my busy year better. I love it. A goal for August is to complete all training modules I have for work and keep hydrated. (:

  • DB on

    Ahéheeʼ Serida S for entering. Yes, your entry is valid. We agree that planners are a must. I love highlighting and color coding items that need to get done ASAP. Thank you for sharing and entering our giveaway. Wishing you a successful semester.

  • DB on

    Ahéheeʼ Dawn for entering our giveaway. Yes, a planner is a great way to keep up with projects.

  • Serida Slim on

    Idk if it counts but my friend bought me a planner and it was sent to me. I LOVE planners. I can never go a day without a planner. I teach my friends how I organize and enjoy having a planner. This months goal is to get ready for school and focus on school. My top priority while I enjoyed my summer off (Starbucks)

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