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Vendor Booth

$ 50.00

Please confirm your vendor date before paying. Markets may revolve around a theme.

Ideally we like to keep our markets diverse. 7 vendors are selected based on the following criteria. Priority is given to food vendors.

1. Food Vendor
2. Food Vendor
3. Food Vendor
4. Jewelry Vendor
5. Jewelry Vendor
6. Art Vendor
7. Art Vendor

🗣️ Quick update. We’re Diné family owned. This is in addition to our personal béeso we have been donating toward grassroots movements for several years.

We’re passionate about grassroots movements. Starting the month of June we will be donating 50% of the vendor fee toward grassroots movements.

We appreciate your understanding & support. Ahéhee’!

Market is held 9 AM - 2 PM. You’re expected to stay the entire duration of the market.

$50 (non refundable). Please be respectful of everyone’s time. Setup is at 8 AM. You will not be allowed to setup if you arrive after 9 AM. Vendors are expected to stay the entire duration of the event. 

Our markets are held indoor so please limit the amount of people who will be assisting you. A total of 2 people per a booth. 

Bring your own table (1 table per vendor) & chair. Artisan Markets are held at our IDB, LLC storefront (inside air conditioned space & on-site water cooler) in Mesa, AZ. 

Address: 2665 E. Broadway Rd, (B-106), Mesa, AZ.